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We are so excited to introduce you the REAL protein shakes and teas café !

The website is READY at Cherry Berry Shakes and Teas Café.

Weight Wednesday - at Cherry Berry Shakes and Teas Cafe! https://www.facebook.com/events/535554540575743/ 

Great news! CherryBerry.Cafe has a new program for their customers- buy ten shakes and get one shake free! Just download Clover app from HERE and check-in when you are at the Cherry Berry Shakes and Teas Cafe- your visit will be automatically recorded! No more "where is my rewards card?" Just check in, let the cashiers know, order your shake- and that's it!

Meanwhile- you can see our menu right here! (please see attachments below).




PRESS RELEASE: Cherry Berry Shakes and Teas Café, Abington, MA


Brickwall Gym and Fitness Center has gone ‘ALL NATURAL’ offering true Total Fitness to their Members and guests.


Brickwall Gym and Fitness Center is raising the bar in the Fitness Industry by offering completely natural, whole-food products in their Shakes Café in Abington, MA


Dmitriy Ivanov and Natasha Ivanova of Brickwall Gym and Fitness Center is a true pioneers in developing state-of-the-art fitness facilities.  Their latest innovation is providing an all-natural Shakes Café that offers only the healthiest whole-food ingredients that nature produces. 


The Shakes Café is designed to help members of the club, and community at-large, achieve their performance, and more importantly wellness, goals by offering complete nutrition exactly when they need it.  After all, nutrition is just as important, if not more, than exercise – one could argue that it’s 80% of the battle.  Exercise and nutrition are a team and they work together to help us achieve total fitness.  The timing of the nutrients is just as important as the quality and quantity, so what a better place to get that than at their Shake Café.  When a member works out, he or she has a limited time to optimize recovery; if this 30 minute window is missed, then all of the work of exercise cannot be fully realized.  Dmitriy and Natasha realize the importance of post-workout recovery and want to make sure that proper nutrition is made available to their clients immediately following their workout. 


They wanted nutritionally-balanced shakes and snacks that could fit everyone’s nutritional requirements.  So, there will be shakes, snacks and supplements to fit everyone’s needs from Kids to the Silver Sneakers crowd.  Whether just looking for a meal replacement, recovery, detox, breakfast, trim & low-cal or lifestyle shakes.  Whether looking for a recovery or a quick grab-and-go snack, Brickwall Gym and Fitness Centers’ whole-food’s Cherry Berry Shakes and Teas Café will have it!


People need simple, clean ingredients and they need simplicity in their lives and they’ve been able to make this happen using only 100% Natural and Clean ingredients, free of all GMO’s, artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners.  In fact, even their Proteins and Supplements are whole-foods based and free of all Hormones and Antibiotics.  We are about are 80% Organic and 100% GMO free!


Brickwall Gym is currently training their staff on proper nutrition and promoting to their members the importance of recovering after exercise as well as eating properly to achieve a better quality of life. 


A well-trained staff, wholesome natural products, and a full-service Shakes Café and Juice Bar supplier stand behind them in motivating their community to realizing total fitness.  They are very excited to be able to offer to their personal training coaches the educational components and natural food products that are going to help the members achieve their goals.


Cherry Berry Shakes and Teas employed Performance Food Centers (PFC) – A Division of Simple Again to serve as their shakes supplier and educator to launch the program.  PFC shares this philosophy completely; their founder’s motto is “You Are What Your Food Eats.”  PFC will work continually behind the scenes to bring new products and educational materials to the members and families of Brickwall Gym and Fitness Center.