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Our new tanning bed is available for our gym active members!

If  you are a first time user of our tanning bed you have to fill and sign a Release of Liability form- please follow this link.

You can chose from: single session $10, monthly unlimited EFT $15/month or prepay for ONE YEAR $99 unlimited! That's 45% off!

Additional info about tanning bed:
- please bring your own lotions - we don't sell them just yet (we may consider it in the future).
- we've got some starter goggles for sale, but feel free to bring your own goggles.
- please remember- you should wait at least 24 hours between tanning sessions. That's your health and your future.
- please remember- you may need to consult your doctor before using tanning bed.
- no minors below 18 years old are allowed to use our tanning bed. No exception.
- we reserve the right to cancel your reservation (we hope it never happens, though).
Happy Tanning!